Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Pictures of our Weekend Treasures

The new tables, in their new home:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Lord, give me an eye for treasures..."

That's the simple prayer I said as we started our thrift store search this evening. About an hour later we walked out of Southern Thrift with this matching set of two end tables and a coffee table, each for only $4.99! We bought them because of their mid-century modern look and decent condition.(Our house begs us to replace our IKEA goods with real atomic jewels.) A gentle sanding and some lemon oil will go a long way. Once at home, Jason started cleaning them up while I googled the maker (stamped inside the drawers): American by Martinsville. Turns out each piece is worth anywhere from $100 to $500. Talk about an answer to prayer! Thank you Lord!! As tempting as it is to resell them, I think we just might keep them.

Tomorrow, once they're all cleaned up and sitting in their new positions in the living room, I'll take more pictures.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Atomic Ranch for Sale

This house was for sale in East Nashville. The owners did an awesome job making the kitchen, living room and dining area mid-century with authentic furniture and lots of sweet collectables in the kitchen. Jason said, "It doesn't feel like we're in someone's house who hasn't changed anything since the '50s. If feels like we're in the '50s." These pictures are from the MLS listing. (I felt weird taking pictures of a stranger's house and especially their things, so I didn't.) The bathrooms are original. Check it out:

"The Neighborhood"

This house is for sale on my street. It's across the street and down 2 houses. It's a pre-forclosure which sucks for the value of our house and our neighbor's houses.

I was flattered though, when I saw the photo on their MLS listed captioned "View of the neighborhood" which showed our house and the houses on either side of us. I guess our house makes the neighborhood look good?

(Even if it is covered by our big pine tree.)

Color studies from my house

Quietude blue, Softest green (they look almost the same in certain light), attitude gray

Softest green, Attitude gray, Quietude

Attitude Gray, Quietude, Softest Green

Grass Green, Attitude Gray

Chocolate Milk, Attitude Gray, Softest Green & White

Pea soup, Attitude Gray, Softest Green & White

Inside our house

View from the front door

I LOVE our front door. It's the right style for our ranch according to Crestview but we got it cheap at Haley's Salvage.

Dining area

From the hall looking toward the living room.

Hall bath (originally the only bathroom). The cabinet is original. Check out the sweet angle! The concrete counter and glass bowl sinker were added by the renovators. Jason and I put in the slate tile floors.

Master bedroom (and the only room used as a bedroom for now) with door leading to master bath and laundry (no picture sorry.) We've yet to renovate that room.

I love all the sunlight that pours in in the morning and helps us wake up.

My graphic design home office (converts to a guest room). I call the wall color "pea soup" even though I hate peas and pea soup.

Kitchen was renovated with IKEA cabinets and granite tile counters. Both are very close to what we would have chosen on our own.

Blocks of color are everywhere. I love it!

Surplus of roma tomatoes from our garden piled up next to the tea and coffee bar.

Sunlight pours in through the kitchen too. Jason is propogating basil from the herb garden so we can keep it alive in the house through the winter. Also, the espresso station sits to the left of the sink.

From the living room looking down the hall.

Jason's studio

This room always looks cluttered. That's just the way it is I guess.

Backdoor leading out to a deck. Hooray for no instruments and amps being dragged through the living room!

From the backdoor (in the kitchen) looking right toward the herb and vegetable gardens.

From the backdoor looking left toward the patio table, pergola, shed and cactus garden.