Monday, March 9, 2009

New Front Door Color

Ignoring the results of the poll I posted on my blog Make a Good First Impression, Jason and I decided to paint the front door mustard yellow. We're still getting used to it but pretty sure we're happy with it. It gives the pop of color we were hoping for.

Side note: You may have noticed we pulled out the overgrown bushes that had been flanking the house. We haven't decided for sure what to plant as replacements but we're leaning toward a forsythia bush on the left side and a couple of tall, skinny evergreens on the right. Between the 2 windows on the right side we're still planning a screen block architectural feature.


Flo Oakes said...

I just got your comment on my blog!
I have a spam filter on, so sometimes things get lost...anyway, I really love your front door color!

We are looking at painting the inside of our house colors similar to the outside of yours:)

Someday, we may paint over the exterior brick.

We are having the hardest time knowing how to decorate around the original stained wood trim, which my husband absolutely refuses to paint white. (In his defense, I get the same reaction from most people: "Don't paint over wood!")
So I'm on the hunt for wall colors that coordinate nicely with honeyish wood trim.

I've loved perusing your etsy shop!
We are slowly trying to collect mid-century-ish things for our house.

Martina said...

Thanks for your comment about the front door color!

I understand your husband's stance on the wood trim. Ours was already painted white when we moved in. I love our deep brown stained floors but keeping the original wood color would have been nice, too. I guess I'm glad I didn't have to make that decision in our house because the flipper/renovator made it for us!

j*amy said...

i LOVE the color! it looks awesome!