Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Before & After Bathroom... kind of

Our hall bathroom (originally the only bathroom) was already redone when we bought our house. The floor tiles and wall tiles (also in the shower) were all sprayed white. The walls were white. The cabinets and vanity were white. The original sink and countertop were replaced with a concrete countertop and a frosted glass bowl sink.* The toilet was replaced with a new white one.

We decided to lay slate tile on the floor shortly after moving in. Upon lifting up the toilet we found an unpainted section of the original pink and blue floor tiles. Based on that and the uniquely angled vanity, we have reason to believe that our bathroom originally looked like this:

Taken from the MLS photo of another ranch on our street.
I flipped the photo. This house is almost a mirror image of ours.

It's it much nicer now? I know pink and blue are authentic mid-century colors but... is anyone really willing to live with them today?

Photo credit: Beth Rose Photography

*My thoughts on the glass bowl sink: It is beautiful but impractical. Two years ago I would have chosen it myself without a second thought. After living with it for 2 years I would never choose it again. It gets dirty easily—drip marks show on the outside and toothpaste always ends up splattered in the inside and shows from the outside. More serious, though, it chips easily. We got a mystery chip on the front edge after about a year of living in the house. An accident with a metal can of cleaner made another chip on one of the corners. Considering a glass bowl sink? Please be advised.

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