Monday, February 16, 2009

Fondue Pot and Skewer Set

This fondue pot and fork set is another one of my favorite mid-century collectibles. Jason and I love fondue. We had 3 fondue pots already (for the parties when we had meat, cheese and chocolate fondues!) but when I saw this at an East Nashville estate sale last year, I fell in love. I love the color. Why don't they made colored enamel fondue pots these days? What's with all the white ceramic ones? (We have 2 of the white ceramic variety and 1 retro stainless Michael Grave's design.) The wooden handle on the lid is cracked and the base was nowhere to be found at the estate sale but I wasn't leaving without this fondue pot. I had seen a similar one last spring at Wonders on Woodland with skewers and it was about $30. This one was $2 and we got them to throw in 1 of their 3 skewer sets for free. We selected the set with the original box for extra fun.

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